72U is comprised of ten residents; we come from everywhere with one thing in common—we want to create.

Throughout history, the number 10 has symbolized completion. 

But in order for us to become complete on an individual basis, we have to analyze what makes us, us

We are an amalgamation of all of the places we are from, the moments, decisions, and origins which formulate our identities. We stand here as individuals because of all of those elements.

We create matter. 

We are matter. 

We all matter.


The themes of identity, immigration, and integration inspired the team to think about how we operate as global citizens. We decided to create our own passports showcasing all of the places that we consider to be part of us. In terms of material, we have experimented with neon lights and plexiglass, utilizing laser cutting and etching. 

The installation represents what we accomplished in our first week here, but most importantly it speaks to our diverse identities and capabilities as a collaborative team.


We would like to extend a special thank you to Traecy Smith, Catherine Roscart, and Isaac Quintanilla for supporting us throughout the course of the project. We couldn’t have done it without you!